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Good Day New York, February 2012
The Talk, February 2012
Access Hollywood Live, January 10, 2012
America's Next Top Model, March 2, 2011
The Tyra Banks Show, "Friend Detox", January 29, 2010
The Tyra Banks Show, "The Next Sex Symbol", January 26, 2010
The Tyra Banks Show, "Teen Pressure for Perfection", November 23, 2009
The Tyra Banks Show, "Get Your Shape in Shape", November 4, 2009
The Tyra Banks Show, "Food Frenemies", October 26, 2009
The Tyra Banks Show, "Meal Makeovers", October 23, 2009
The Tyra Banks Show, "Colonics", October 15, 2009
The Tyra Banks Show, "Watch What You Eat", September 11, 2009
The Today Show, Essential Nutrients for Women, May 5, 2009
CBS, Early Show, “Is The Economy Making Us Fat?”, November 2008
CNN, Open House, “Healthy Lunch”, September 2008
CNBC, Net Worth, “Are you feeling less rich”, June 2008
MSN “Eating Healthy at Fast food restaurants”, June 2008  
FOX Business News, Heather Bauer offers some tips on how to eat well in the midst of your busy life, 04/11/08
700 Club, Watch Heather Bauer talk to Pat Robertson about The Wall Street Diet, 04/02/08
CBS NEWS "Healthy Halloween Treat Alternatives", October 2006
CBS NEWS "The Most Important Meal of the Day", June 2006
NY1, "Staying Healthy After 30", March 2006
FOX Morning News,"Low Carb Diet Craze", June 2004
FOX Morning News, "Eating Healthy at the Movies", April 2004
FOX Morning News, "Healthy Choices for Your Lifestyle", March 2004
FOX Morning News, "Healthy Choices for Your Lifestyle", March 2004
CBS NEWS "How Good Is Your Salad?" , January 3, 2003

Magazines & Newspapers

People Magazine, Oscar Issue - Stars' Red Carpet Diets, February 2012
The New York Times, The Devil is in the Diet, February 16, 2012
Fitness Magazine, February 2012
Redbook, How to Speed Up Your Metabolism, February 2012
Real Simple Magazine, January 2012
InStyle, "Holiday Eating Tips", December 1, 2011
Health Magazine, Wake Up Slimmer, December 1, 2011
InTouch Weekly, "How Tyra Stopped YoYo Dieting", October 19, 2009
Daily News, "Summer diet-busters", May 14, 2009
Shape Magazine, "25 Ways to Lighten Your Lunch", June 2009, pgs. 164-166
Cooking Light Magazine, "Make Every Bit Count", June 2009, pg. 65
WWD Monday, "Restraining Orders", April 13, 2009, pg. 16
Crain's New York, "Let's Do Brown Bag", February 2009, pg. 23
Cooking Light, “Nutrition Essentials 2009”, Jan/Feb 2009
Self, “Tray Chic”, December 2008
am New York, “Explore a different ‘culture’: Go Greek”, December 2008
Ladies Home Journal, “Stay Slim All Season Long”, November 2008
Eating Well Magazine, “Last Bite”September/October 2008
OK Magazine, “Pack a Healthy Lunch” , September 2008
Self Magazine, “Waitress Wisdom” (Enjoy your favorite restaurants and still lose weight with your insider’s guide to dining out. ), August 2008
Life & Style Magazine, "Boardwalk Treats That Won't Destroy A Diet", July 2008, pg. 65
The New York Times, "It's Not So Easy Being Less Rich", Sunday Styles, June 1, 2008
Shape, “The Busy Woman’s Guide To Losing Weight”, May 2008
Quest Magazine, A Diet for all Seasons (and Districts), Summer 2008 Edition
The Wall Street Journal, Fitting 'The Wall Street Diet' Into Your Hectic Lifestye, 05/27/2008
Quest Magazine, The Wall Street Diet is a "Fresh Find", May 2008 issue
The Toronto Star says the Wall Street diet is "Spot On"
The Dallas News, Coverage of the Wall Street Diet, 04/20/08
Shape Magazine, "The Busy Woman's Guide to Losing Weight", 01/05/2008; pgs 236-241
Chicago Sun Times, "3 incredible diets" 03 04.2008
Ladies Home Journal, "Can you resist the cookie pusher?" 01 04.2008: 136-144
Page Six Magazine, "What kind of NYC dieter are you?" 30 03.2008: 19
Self Magazine, "Eat Right Update" 01 03.2008: 99
People Magazine: Stylewatch, "Extreme Diet Makeovers", October 2007
New York Magazine, "How to Cut the Tension", January 2005
Fashion Week Daily, "Skinny Secrets of Haute Nutritionists", April 2004
New York Post "High Drinks", April 2004
New York Post "Food Facts and Fiction", December 2003
Ladies Home Journal, "Fiber Fights Cancer"
Ladies Home Journal, "Hidden Transfats"
TimeOut New York, "Clean Up Your Act", March 6-13, 2003
Seventeen, "Prom training", May (special issue) 2003, pg.34
Seventeen, "Why french Fries put you to sleep", Feburary 2003, pg.66
Self, "Beauty Flash", January 2003, pg. 40
Gotham, "Gifts for the beauty-minded, most wanted", December 2002, pg.109
Marie Claire, "Slim down by tonight(really!)", December 2002, pg.208
Elegant Bride, "Labors of love", Winter 2002, pg.96
Self, "Eat-right Flash", October 2002, pg. 112
Elle, "Hair Therapy (get the most beautiful hair ever)", September 2002


The Huffington Post, 5 Foods Guaranteed to Get Your Heart Racing (While Keeping Your Waistline in Check), February 12, 2012
The Huffington Post, Five Recipes for a Healthy and Fun Super Bowl Party, February 4, 2012, 5 new health and fitness books worth buying, February 2012, Healthy Super Bowl Snacks for the Big Game, February 2012, January's Juiciest Bits, January 2012
The Capitol File, Dietitian's Orders, January 31, 2012
Washington Life, Twenty Something: Bread is the Devil, January 2012, Q&A with Heather Bauer, January 2012
The Huffington Post, Fad Dieting: It's a Don't, and Here's Why, January 22, 2012
Simply Stated, The 10 "Diet Devils", January 18, 2012
Traveling Mom, Exclusive Interview With Heather Bauer, Author Of 'Bread Is The Devil', January 2012
The Huffington Post, Who Says Genetically-Overweight People Can't Get Thin? January 22, 2012, January 2012, Take Control of Your Diet Demons: "Bread Is the Devil" Author Tells How
The Huffington Post, Who Says Genetically-Overweight People Can't Get Thin? January 12, 2012, 6 Cure-All Diet Books for 2012: Bread is the Devil by Heather Bauer, January 2012
The Luxury Spot, Bread is the Devil, Janaury 2012
GalTime, "Heather Bauer: Bread is the Devil", December 2011
Pamela's Punch, "People to Know / 9 Questions With Nutrionist Heather Bauer"
The Washington Examiner, 'Bread is the Devil' by Heather Bauer, author says OK to veggies and vodka
The Huffington Post, Holiday Weight Gain: 5 Smart Ways To Avoid It , December 18, 2011
The Huffington Post, Thanksgiving. One Week Later: 3 Ways To Keep Trimming Post-Turkey. December 2, 2011
The Huffington Post, columnist, since December 2011, Mom of the week, December 25, 2011, Review of Bread is the Devil, December 22, 2011, Review of Bread is the Devil, December 20, 2011, "Wake up Slimmer", November 6, 2011, "Age Related Weight Loss", October 23, 2011, 35 Fun Ways to Lose Weight With Friends, October 2011
iVillage, 34 Ways to Quit Smoking -- Without Gaining Weight, May 2011, Heather Bauer: The Nutrition Guru Who Helped Tyra Get Fit, September 2009
WWDFashion, "Restraining Order: Eating Healthy at Fashionable Spots", April 13, 2009
Glamour, "Does Bad Weather Keep You From Working Out?", April 13, 2009
Style, "Anya Hindmarch Wants To Make You Sweat", April 13, 2009
US News & World Report, "Greek Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt: Which Is More Healthful?", April 13, 2009
WWDFashion, "Wu-ing the Crowd... Choo for Charity... Hindmarch Pumps Iron...", March 29, 2009
Glamour, "Does Your Employer Care About How Healthy/Fit/Happy You Are?", March 24, 2009
ELLEgirl, "Ask an Expert: Vitamin 101", February 2009
US News & World Report, Do You Really Need to Diet on Super Bowl Sunday?, January 29, 2009
US News & World Report, A Recession Might be Good for Your Waistline, October 23, 2008
US News & World Report, 8 Fixes Nutritionists Want on Food Labels, October 17, 2008
Q&A with The Diet Detective (05/01/08)
US News & World Report, The Wall Street Diet: Eating Well on a Busy Schedule, March 13, 2008, "Nu-train Featured Nutritionist"


The Cooper Lawrence Show, Nutritionist Heather Bauer, Monthly Radio Spot Starting October 26, 2009
Heather Bauer introduces the Wall Street Diet on Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy's weekly radio show 06 04.2008
Martha Stuart Radio on Sirius


Author, Bread is the Devil, St. Martin's Press, January 2012
Author, The Wall Street Diet , Hyperion, April 2008
Contributor, "The Worlds Fittest You, Dutton Books 2004


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